Terms and Conditions

According to the laws in India, the states of Odisha, Sikkim, Assam, Telangana and Nagal and limits player from player the daily fantasy sports offered on our site. There might be severe fines and legal actions taken on such players by the Government of India in such cases.

Our Organization and sportsland-fantasy.com will not accept sign-ups from Odisha, Sikkim, Assam, Telangana, and Nagaland. In case a player belonging to Odisha, Sikkim, Assam, Telangana, and Nagaland makes signup by providing any bogus data (mistaken state, IP, and so on.) the risk will be exclusively on the player. We have the right to immediately close the account of such player(s) account with no prior.


Please do note that any violation of Terms discovered to be unlawful, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable in any way, shape or form by any legal or semi legal body in India, not the slightest bit would influence the legitimacy and enforceability of the rest of the Terms. Such Terms will be supplanted with another substantial and enforceable Terms. Any unlawful, invalid, void, voidable, or unenforceable Term will be changed with another Term which is legitimate and enforceable and is near the substance and unique goal of the one that has been declared as invalid.

With Your signup on the Site, it is expected by ‘Us’ that you have read all the terms thus and have acknowledged the terms. Printing of payment records, rules of play, opt out policies and pay-out strategies is the thing that we suggest that you do.

In case if you do not accept our current Terms or any future changes or adjustments to these Terms, we suggest that ‘You’ to stop the usage of site.

Usage of sportsland-fantasy.com

Any player accessing the sportsland-fantasy.com website using online information and database recovery facilities, including participating in various competitions and games (including fantasy games), playing games on the sportsland-fantasy.com website (‘Contests’), shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions and by any other rules, regulations and conditions of use referred to or provided by sportsland-fantasy.com in relation to any of these Terms and Conditions.

sportsland-fantasy.com has rights to alter Terms and Conditions, guidelines and terms of usage alluded to or offered by sportsland-fantasy.com corresponding to any sportsland-fantasy.com Administrations, whenever, by posting same on sportsland-fantasy.com. usage of sportsland-fantasy.com has Player’s acknowledgment of such Terms and Conditions, rules and terms of usage alluded to or offered by sportsland-fantasy.com according to any sportsland-fantasy.com Administrations, as might be altered every once in a while. sportsland-fantasy.com may likewise inform Player of any change or alteration in these Terms and Conditions, rules, guidelines and terms of utilization alluded to or offered by sportsland-fantasy.com, by method of sending an email to Player’s enlisted email address or posting warnings in Player accounts. Player may then exercise alternatives offered in such an email or warning to show disapproval of adjusted Terms and Conditions, rules, guidelines and terms of utilization alluded to or offered by sportsland-fantasy.com. On the off chance that such alternatives are not practiced by Player inside time span recommended in email or warning, Player will be regarded to have acknowledged adjusted Terms and Conditions, rules, guidelines and terms of usage alluded to or offered by sportsland-fantasy.com.

Certain sportsland-fantasy.com Administrations being offered on sportsland-fantasy.com might be dependent upon extra principles and guidelines set down in that regard. To the degree that these Terms and Conditions are conflicting with extra conditions set down, extra conditions will win.

sportsland-fantasy.com may, at its sole and outright discretion:

Confine, suspend, or end any Player’s admittance to all or any piece of sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Administrations;

Change, suspend or discontinue all or any section of the services of sportsland-fantasy.com;

Reject, pass, or delete any material that a player can submit;

Move or eliminate any substance that is accessible on sportsland-fantasy.com;

Deactivate or erase a Player’s record and all related data and documents on account;

Build up broad practices and cutoff points concerning utilization of sportsland-fantasy.com;

Revising or allowing additions to the row of players to be qualified for the Contest due to revisions to the row of players participating in the related sporting event;

Allow its privileges and liabilities to all Player accounts hereunder to any substance (post implication of such task will be sent to all Players to their enlisted email ids)

Assign its rights and obligations to any individual to all Player accounts hereunder (all Players will be sent to their registered email ids after intimation of such assignment)

sportsland-fantasy.com can, in their complete and utter discretion and without warning to the Player, limit, cancel or terminate the Player ‘s access to all or any part of sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Services if any Player violates or sportsland-fantasy.com fairly determines that such Player has violated these Terms and Conditions or has unlawfully or inappropriately used sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Services.

Where sportsland-fantasy.com charges sportsland-fantasy.com with a platform fee for any sportsland-fantasy.com Services, sportsland-fantasy.com shall, without hesitation, refund the platform fee in the event of suspension or deletion of the Player account or sportsland-fantasy.com Services for any negligence or deficiency on the part of sportsland-fantasy.com, but not where any suspension or deletion is attributable to:

Some violation or insufficient implementation under any of these Terms and Conditions by the Player; or,

All conditions beyond the equal oversight of sportsland-fantasy.com.

Players agree to accept communications from sportsland-fantasy.com or any of its partners, licensors or affiliates, such as promotions, administrative messages and commercials.

Intellectual Property

A variety of content generated by sportsland-fantasy.com, its partners, licensors, affiliates, and/or plays is included in sportsland-fantasy.com. Intellectual property rights (‘intellectual property rights’) in all software underlying sportsland-fantasy.com and sportsland-fantasy.com Intellectual property rights (‘intellectual property rights’) in all software underlying sportsland-fantasy.com, including (but not limited to) sports, competitions, advertising, software, photos, written material, photos, graphics, signs, illustrations, audio, logos or video clippings and Flash animation, are the property of sportsland-fantasy.com, their associates, Players cannot, in full or in part without express written license from players, send, print, engage in the transfer or selling of, replicate, create derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, publicly view or in any manner misuse any of the materials or content on sportsland-fantasy.com.

By writing to sportsland-fantasy.com Help, players can request permission to use any material from sportsland-fantasy.com.

Players shall agrees and undertake that the initials, trademarks, logos, patents, brands, copyrights or intellectual and exclusive property of any third party shall not be shown or used on sportsland-fantasy.com. Plays consent to protect and leave harmless sportsland-fantasy.com, its directors, associates, staff and assigns against all charges, injuries and penalties, including legal costs and counselling fees, penalties, in respect of any third-party lawsuits that might be brought, including violation of intellectual property rights arising from any showing or use of names, brands, images, trademarks, stickers, copyrights.

Players hereby offer a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable license to sportsland-fantasy.com and their affiliates, collaborators, licensors and associates for the use, replication, development of derivative works, dissemination, public appearance, public display, transition, transmission and/or publishing of Player Material for any of the following purposes:

Displaying content of Players on sportsland-fantasy.com

Distributing Players’ Content to other Players trying to download or otherwise obtain it, either by computer or by other media, and/or

Players’ content is stored for a price in a remote archive accessed by end-players.

This license is applicable to the delivery and storage, in any form, medium or technology, of Player Content.

All names, brands, images, brands, labels, exclusive rights and copyrights or exclusive rights of any person (including the Player), entity or third party belonging to any person (including the Player), entity or third party shall be regarded as the exclusive rights of the respective owners and all disputes, conflicts or concerns relating to such titles, images, trademarks, labels, trademarks , copyrights or exclusive and patented rights shall be directly addressed to the Player.

sportsland-fantasy.com can include links to other websites owned by third parties and run by them. The use of any of those sites by players is subject to the terms, if any, posted by the sites. sportsland-fantasy.com does not operate any websites other than sportsland-fantasy.com and cannot be held accountable for the content on any website by any third party. The use of third-party material or links to third party websites by sportsland-fantasy.com does not imply endorsement by sportsland-fantasy.com of those third-party websites.

The correspondence, transfers or related operations of the Player with third parties, including payment and authentication service providers, shall be between the Player and the third party only.

The communications, transactions and use of the services of that third party by the Player shall be subject to the terms and conditions, rules and other terms of service adopted / implemented by that third party, and the Player shall be exclusively responsible for updating such terms and conditions prior to the transaction or use of the services of that third party. Player accepts that any liability or harm of any nature sustained as a result of any such dealings with third parties would not be responsible or liable to sportsland-fantasy.com. All queries, complaints, or statements pertaining to the good or service of a third party should be submitted to the responsible seller.

sportsland-fantasy.com includes content generated by sportsland-fantasy.com and content offered by third parties. sportsland-fantasy.com does not guarantee the authenticity, integrity or consistency of the content offered by third parties and such content cannot be relied on by Plays through the use of the sportsland-fantasy.com Services offered to sportsland-fantasy.com, even during any of the contests hosted by sportsland-fantasy.com.

Plays consent to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use and all other Website rules, laws and terms of use. In the absence of compliance by the Player with these Terms and Conditions and all other rules, regulations and conditions of use, sportsland-fantasy.com may, in their sole and utter discretion, take reasonable corrective measures, including but not limited to:

Limiting, suspending or terminating access of any Player to all or any component of the sportsland-fantasy.com Services;

Deactivating or deleting the account of a player and all associated account details and files. Any balance left unused on the date of deactivation or deletion in the Player’s Game Account or Winnings Account shall be transferred to the Player’s bank account on record with sportsland-fantasy.com subject to (if any) the processing fee applicable to such transfers as set out herein; or

Refraining from giving such a player any prize.

Players consent to include, at the time of registration and at all other times (as required by sportsland-fantasy.com), real, correct, current and complete information. Furthermore, players agree to change their registration records and keep it updated.

A player must not register or retain more than one player account with sportsland-fantasy.com.

Players consent to agree that, as part of their “secure senders” list, they will receive all contact from sportsland-fantasy.com by naming e-mails from sportsland-fantasy.com. sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be kept accountable if any e-mail remains unread by the Player as a result of the transmission of that e-mail to the trash or spam folder of the Player.

Any password given to a player by sportsland-fantasy.com must not be exposed to anybody else. Plays should not use the password of someone else. It is the duty of players to protect the integrity of their identities and passwords. Players promise to inform sportsland-fantasy.com promptly of any improper use of their credentials or accounts or any other security violation.

At the conclusion of each game, players consent to leave / log out of their accounts. sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be liable for any loss or harm which may occur if those needs are not fulfilled by the Player.

Players consent not to use cheats, viruses, malware, apps, bots, hacking or other unauthorized third-party applications intended to change or interfere with or assist in such operation by sportsland-fantasy.com Services and/or sportsland-fantasy.com.

Players consent not to edit, rent, lease, loan, sell, allocate, transmit, reverse engineer, assign protection interest in, or otherwise pass the right to sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Services underlying hardware or applications.

Players accept that without the explicit written permission of sportsland-fantasy.com, any files or programme that is part of the sportsland-fantasy.com Services should not be changed or caused to be changed.

Players consent not to interrupt, overburden, or help in the interruption or overburdening of (a) any device or server used by any other Player or individual to provide or support sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Services (each ‘Server’); or the enjoyment by any other Player or individual of sportsland-fantasy.com Services.

Players consent not to institute, support or participate in any form of attack, including without limitation the spread of a virus, denial of service, or any other effort to hinder the use or enjoyment of sportsland-fantasy.com Services by sportsland-fantasy.com or any other person.

Players shall not attempt, through any means other than the User interface provided through sportsland-fantasy.com, to obtain unauthorized access to User accounts, Servers or networks linked to sportsland-fantasy.com Services, including, but not limited to, by circumventing or modifying, attempting to bypass or modify, or enabling or assisting any other person to bypass or modify any encryption, technology, computer or otherwise.

Players choose not to use sportsland-fantasy.com for any of the following, without restricting the foregoing:

To indulge in any activity or contact that is offensive, insulting, indecent, racist, communal, anti-national, objectionable, defamatory or abusive;

Harassing, stalking, threatening or otherwise breaching the legal rights of others;

To write, post, upload, e-mail, circulate or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, violating, pornographic, indecent or illegal material (collectively, ‘Transmit’);

sportsland-fantasy.com, any software , hardware, or telecommunications equipment to transfer files containing viruses, corrupted files, or any other related software or programmes which may destroy or adversely affect the operation of another person’s computer;

Advertisement, offering or marketing to sportsland-fantasy.com any products or services for any commercial reason without the express written permission of sportsland-fantasy.com;

Transmission of content related to programmes, goods, polls, competitions, pyramid schemes, spam, unsolicited ads, promotional materials or letters in chains;

Advertisement, offering or marketing to sportsland-fantasy.com any products or services for any commercial reason without the express written permission of sportsland-fantasy.com;

Transmission of content related to programmes, goods, polls, competitions, pyramid schemes, spam, unsolicited ads, promotional materials or letters in chains;

Recompile or disassemble or otherwise influence our products which you know or fairly should know cannot be lawfully accessed in such a way in order to download any file;

To falsify or delete attributions of any author, legal or other proper notices or proprietary designations or marks of software or other content origin or source;

To prohibit or discourage the use and enjoyment of any public space within our sites by any other player;

Collecting or saving sensitive information about other players;

To interrupt or interact with sportsland-fantasy.com, servers, or networks;

To impersonate another individual or entity, including, but not limited to, a sportsland-fantasy.com representative, or to falsely declare or otherwise distort the relationship of the player to an individual or entity;

Forging headers or modifying identifiers or other information to mask the origin of any material transmitted through sportsland-fantasy.com or to exploit the presence of the player on sportsland-fantasy.com;

To take any action which imposes on our infrastructure an unreasonably or disproportionately high load;

Or participate in any activities that are unethical. You consent to use our bulletin board systems, chat rooms, news groups, forums, communities and/or message or contact facilities (collectively, “Forums”) exclusively for the purpose of sending and receiving messages and content that is acceptable and important to that Platform.

If a Player chooses a username that is offensive, indecent, violent in the view considered by sportsland-fantasy.com or that could lead sportsland-fantasy.com to public contempt or scorn, sportsland-fantasy.com reserves the right to change such username and intimate the Player without prior warning to the Player or uninstall such username and posts from sportsland-fantasy.com, to refuse sportsland-fantasy.com access to that Player, or some variation of these options

Unauthorized entry to sportsland-fantasy.com is a violation of and a violation of the rule of these Terms and Conditions. Players consent not to access sportsland-fantasy.com by any means other than through the sportsland-fantasy.com app for use in accessing sportsland-fantasy.com. Players consent not to use any automated means to access, track or copy any aspect of our pages, including, without restriction, agents, robots, scripts, or spiders, except those automated means that we have authorized in advance and in writing.

The use of sportsland-fantasy.com is subject to the current regulations and regulatory procedures. Nothing included in these Terms and Conditions shall impair the ability of sportsland-fantasy.com to comply with applications or needs of government, judiciary, and law enforcement relating to the use of players by sportsland-fantasy.com.

Players should contact sportsland-fantasy.com via the Support Team.

Persons under the age of eighteen (18) must receive permission or consent from their parents or legal guardians before supplying, engaging in or accessing the sportsland-fantasy.com or sportsland-fantasy.com Services data or, inter alia, posting images, playing games or engaging, directly or indirectly, in any player activity in the contest. Entry to sportsland-fantasy.com is not allowed without the permission of the parent(s) or legal guardian and consequent involvement in any operation on the sportsland-fantasy.com website and such individual is subject to disqualification at the sole and absolute discretion of the sportsland-fantasy.com, whenever the information of the sportsland-fantasy.com is concerned.

sportsland-fantasy.com recommends that parents should supervise the online activities of their children and consider using online platforms and device manufacturers’ parental management mechanisms that help provide a child-friendly online environment. Without parental consent, these tools can also prohibit children from sharing their identity, address and other personal details online.

Although players under the age of 18 are entitled to use such sportsland-fantasy.com services with the permission of their parents or legal guardians, sportsland-fantasy.com services may not compete in contests hosted by sportsland-fantasy.com (if specifically provided for in the contest rules)

sportsland-fantasy.com will not be held accountable for any material sent to plays by sportsland-fantasy.com.

Contests, Participation and Prizes

Paid versions of the Contests are currently available to sportsland-fantasy.com Players can participate in the Contests by paying the pre-designated sum as shown on the respective Contest page. A participant with the highest accumulated points shall be entitled to win a pre-designated reward at the conclusion of the pre-determined round, as shown on the page of the respective Contests.

A participant can create various teams through the sportsland-fantasy.com Services for participation in contests provided in association with a Daily Fantasy Sport Event. However, unless otherwise specified by sportsland-fantasy.com in relation to any Contest (‘Multiple Entry Contest’), Entrants accept and consent that in any Contest provided in relation to a Daily Fantasy Sport Event, they can enter only one Team.

A Participant may join more than one Team in a single Multiple Entry Contest in the case of a Multiple Entry Contest, but upon submission of more than one Team for participation in a single Multiple Entry Contest, the Participant shall not be allowed to alter or amend the Teams so submitted for participation in that Multiple Entry Contest. Furthermore, it is explicitly explained that sportsland-fantasy.com can, from time to time, limit the maximum number of Teams that may be generated by a single Player Account (for each format of the sportsland-fantasy.com Services) or that may be entered by a single Player Account in a certain Multiple Entry Contest to the number decided in their sole discretion by sportsland-fantasy.com.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall receive from each contestant a pre-designated fee for access to the sportsland-fantasy.com Resources in relation to the Contests.

If, at the time of entering an address, a Participant indicates that he / she is a resident of Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim or Telangana, the Participant shall not be allowed to continue to register for the round or contest and may not participate in any paying edition of the Contest.

Contest Formats

sportsland-fantasy.com provides Contests in two different ways for sportsland-fantasy.com Services, (1) as a public contest where Players are eligible to participate in a Contest with other Players and (2) as a private contest where Players are allowed to invite particular Players to participate in a Contest and exclude the participation of those invited Players. For all formats of the contests, all the laws applicable to the contests as set out herein shall apply.

Public contest

sportsland-fantasy.com may deliver the contests in the public contest format for contests consisting of 2, 3, 5, 10, 100 entrants or any other pre-designated number of participants.

This format of the contests will be provided by sportsland-fantasy.com as a paying format and at the conclusion of the round the winner will be determinable.

The number of Participants needed to make the Contests operational will be pre-specified and these Contests will be operational until the number of Participants in the Contests is equal to the pre-specified number required for such Contests. If, at the start of the round, the number of players is fewer than the pre-specified number, such competitions shall not be active and the entry fee charged by each contestant shall be returned to that player’s account without any payment or deduction.

Contests shall become active in such Contests in the sportsland-fantasy.com Services classified as ‘Verified Contests’ until the number of Entrants in those Contests is equal to the pre-set number of Winners to be announced in such Contests, even though all available Participant Slots (as set in relation to the Contests) remain unfulfilled. It is explained that Participants may continue to participate in such Contests despite the activation of such Contests until either I all available Participant slots of such Contests are filled or (ii) the round that the Contest s relates to starts, whichever is earlier. In the event that such Competitions are not in service until the start of the round, the entry fee charged by each User shall be returned to that Player’s account without any charge or deduction.

Private contest

In the Private Contest format, sportsland-fantasy.com allows players to create a contest (‘Private Contest’) and to invite other players (‘Invited Player’) to create teams and compete in the contests, whether current players or otherwise. A private contest may be created by players comprising of a pre-specified number of participants, i.e. 2 participants, 3 participants, 5 participants or 10 participants.

The Player who creates the Private Contest shall apply the entry fee for the Private Contest and shall enter the Private Contest by giving the name of the Private Contest and presenting a special identity code (‘Contest Code’) (to be given to the Player’s account).

The Player accepts and acknowledges that no alteration in the terms or constitution of the Private Contest shall be allowed until the Private Contest is formed, save for an alteration in the name of the contest. The Private Contest Player shall give sportsland-fantasy.com with the Invited Players email address or Facebook account username to encourage sportsland-fantasy.com to send a message or email inviting sportsland-fantasy.com to register with sportsland-fantasy.com (if necessary) and to participate in the Private Contest in respect of which the invitation has been given.

The Invited Player shall enter the Contest Code affiliated with the Private Contest in order to compete in the Private Contest and shall apply the Private Contest entry fee. As soon as the number of Private Contest Participants is equal to the number of pre-specified Private Contest Participants, the Private Contest is operational and no other Invited Player or Player is allowed to compete in the Private Contest. In the event that any Private Contest does not include a pre-specified number of Participants in that Private Contest within 1 hour prior to the start of the Private Contest, the Participants in that Private Contest shall be given the option of turning the Private Contest into a Public Contest format and of enabling non-Contest Code Participants to participate.

It is specified that sportsland-fantasy.com undertakes such conversion in a serialised manner and will not and does not promise that prior to the start of the round / Contests, any private contest will be transformed into a public contest format or that any participant will enter such contest (to make it operational).

In the event that the number of Participants in any Private Contest (or Converted Contest) is smaller than the pre-specified number at the start of the round, the number of Participants in any Private Contest (or

Converted Contest) shall not be operative and the participation fee charged by each Player shall be returned to such Player’s account without any payment or deduction.

It is clarified that the participation of Invited Players in any Private Contest shall be subject to the pre-specified number of Participants in that Private Contest and that sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be liable to any person for any Invited Player ‘s failure to participate in any Private Contest for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation due to hardware or technological fault or lack of participation in any Private Contest.


Contests shall only be available to adults over the age of 18 years.

The competitions are only available to individuals actually residing in India.

sportsland-fantasy.com can prohibit individuals residing in those states from participating in the contests in compliance with the laws prevailing in some Indian states. Individuals living in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim or Telangana do not currently compete in the paying edition of the Contest, as the rules of those states forbid individuals from competing in talent games in which players are expected to pay to join.

A correct email address must be open to persons who want to join.

Eligibility to compete in the Contest and win prizes shall be given only to those Entrants who have successfully registered on sportsland-fantasy.com and who have registered before each round in accordance with guidelines described above.

Payment Terms and Players Fund

Players agree to be bound by the following payment conditions in regard to all deals in sportsland-fantasy.com, including accepting a payment to engage in the paid versions of the contests:

All sportsland-fantasy.com purchases are in Indian Rupees.

We create a user account for players until users register on our portal and keep a database of all of their purchases with us. Payments related to participating in Cash Games must be made from their user account sportsland-fantasy.com. We credit all cash prizes earned by players to this user account.

Please ensure that when making a purchase, the gadget used to make the payment is your own and is only used to “deposit” into the customer account.

You are free to deposit as much money as you like in your user account for the purpose of playing in Cash Games at sportsland-fantasy.com, according to the deposit limits stated by us from time to time.

sportsland-fantasy.com needs to make you play here responsibly. The right to deposit into your user account shall be subject to monthly deposit limits which we may, in our absolute discretion, set for undertakings, reimbursement, waiver and verification requirements, as we consider necessary.

Third party payment gateways are used to accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cash cards and internet banking transfers. Similarly, some forms of payment often require an intermediary ‘s permission to accept payments. We are not liable for delays or denials at their end and payment collection would be without any fault or danger at our end in terms of their policies and procedures alone.

The funds are transferred to the user account after a payment / transaction is authorized and are available for you to play Cash Games.

In any period in time, we have the power to terminate a contract exclusively in our discretion, in which case, if the transfer is successful, the contract will be reversed and the money will be credited back to your payment account.

Player funds in specified bank accounts are kept in trust by us. Funds held independently from our client funds are held in the user account. And in the very unlikely case of an insolvency proceeding, to the degree allowed by statute, your claims on the deposits will be granted priority over all other claims.


By way of either an account payee cheque or an automated bank to bank transfer for the sum of winnings, you will withdraw your winnings.

You agree that the following conditions control all withdrawals you make:

sportsland-fantasy.com can ask you for KYC documents at any point to confirm your address and identification.

Only from accounts for which such a KYC procedure is complete would withdrawals be allowed.

At any time, subject to bonus/prize money withdrawal limits, you can opt to withdraw money from your user account by notifying us of your withdrawal order. Cash withdrawal directly after cash deposit to the user account of sportsland-fantasy.com is barred. Prior to removing your winnings, it is important to play daily fantasy sports.

After the request for withdrawal has been informed, after verification of the withdrawal request, we may disburse the amount indicated by cheque or electronic transfer on the basis of the withdrawal form chosen by you. We will do our best efforts to respect your option of withdrawal mode but reserve the right to disburse the sum you demand by cheque at all times. We also reserve the right to disburse the balance to your user account on the financial instrument used for the deposit.

We will do our best to process your withdrawals in a timely manner, but due to the time needed for inspection and execution of the withdrawal transaction, there may be delays. Due to delays in delivering payments to you from your user account, we are not liable to pay you any sort of compensation.

You must be a citizen of India and use Com Services from India in order to be eligible to win a draw.

Tabulation of fantasy points

The score feed and other details needed for the calculation and tabulation of fantasy points can be accessed from third party service providers by sportsland-fantasy.com. In the unlikely case that it becomes aware of some mistake in the measurement or tabulation of fantasy points, the allocation of winners, etc., as a result of inaccuracies in or incompleteness of the feed delivered by the third-party service provider, sportsland-fantasy.com shall make reasonable efforts to correct the mistake prior to the distribution of prizes.

sportsland-fantasy.com clarifies, however, that it relies on the accuracy and completeness of such third-party score / statistic feeds and does not itself justify or make any representations as to their accuracy and, in any case, is not liable for inaccuracies in the calculation and tabulation of fantasy points or the collection of winners as a result of any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the winners.

Players and participants agree not to make any statements in this regard or to present any allegation against sportsland-fantasy.com.

Winners’ selection and inspection and terms relating to the awards.

Selection of Winners

Winners will be chosen in the allocated round (which can last anytime between one day and the entire tournament) of the contests on the basis of the scores of the teams.

The winners are declared to be the participants who own the teams with the highest aggregate score in a specific round.

sportsland-fantasy.com can announce more than one winner in some pre-specified contests and allocate prizes to those winners in increasing order of the aggregate score of their team at the end of the allocated round of the contest.

The number of winners envisaged and the award payable to each winner in such a contest shall be specified on the page of the contest prior to the start of the contest.

Participants who, on behalf of some other participant or individual, build teams shall be disqualified.

The winning participants shall be declared winners in the event of a tie and the award shall be divided evenly among those participants.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be liable to pay any prize until it is found that these Terms and Conditions and other laws and regulations relating to the use of sportsland-fantasy.com, Match, Fantasy Laws, etc. have not been complied with by the Winners, etc.

Contacting Winners

sportsland-fantasy.com or the third party running the contest shall be contacted by the winners at the e-mail address given at the time of registration. The method of authentication and the documents needed for the selection of the prize shall be presented in detail to the winners at this stage. Winners will be expected to include the following records as a common practice:

Player’s PAN Card;

A government-issued verification of residency;

The bank account information of the player and proof of the same

sportsland-fantasy.com shall not authorize the Winner to withdraw his / her prizes / accumulated winnings until the documents referred to above have been collected and checked within the time span stated by sportsland-fantasy.com. The Player shall reflect and warrant that, in the context of the authentication process, the documents given are accurate copies of the original documents to which they refer.

At the time of admission, participants are expected to have proper and full information. sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be liable for errors in correspondence, commissions or omissions, even those of the Judges, as a result of which the Winner will not be aware of the outcome.

The list of winners shall be released on the sportsland-fantasy.com separate web-page. The winners are also contacted via e-mail.

In the event that a Participant has been proclaimed a Winner on the above-mentioned website but no communication has been obtained from sportsland-fantasy.com, the Participant shall contact sportsland-fantasy.com within the time period defined on the website.

Verification Process

Only winners who have successfully completed the authentication process and have given the necessary documentation within the time period defined by sportsland-fantasy.com shall be able to withdraw / receive their (or any part of their) accrued winnings. sportsland-fantasy.com shall not lodge any claims or demands for an extension of the time needed to file documentation.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall scrutinize all documents submitted and may, at its sole and utter discretion, disqualify any winner for the following reasons from removing his or her accrued winnings (or any portion thereof):

Determination by sportsland-fantasy.com that any document or information submitted by the Participant is inaccurate, misleading, false, fake, incomplete or illegible; or that any document or information submitted by the Participant is inaccurate, misleading, false, fake, incomplete or unlawful;

The Eligibility Conditions stated in Clause 10 above are not fulfilled by the Participant; or

Any other ground.

Service Charge and Service Tax

sportsland-fantasy.com service rates currently vary from 3% to 5%, based on the denomination of competitions. Games greater than Rs. 999 can incur flat service rates of 3%, while 5% can be charged on any lower number.

sportsland-fantasy.com reserves the right, at its discretion, to impose separate service fees for various games / tournaments. We also reserve the right to adjust the assessed service fees from time to time, but by publishing a note when and where necessary and practicable, we will accordingly advise of the changes.

In addition, as required by applicable laws in India, we can charge service tax for service charges with applicable cessions or levies.


sportsland-fantasy.com decisions with regard to the allocation of prizes shall be absolute, definitive and uncontestable.

Participants playing the paying forms of the contests confirm that Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim or Telangana are not citizens of either of the following Indian states. sportsland-fantasy.com shall disqualify the Participant and void any reward won by that Participant if it is discovered that a Participant participating in the paying forms of the Contest is a citizen of any of the above Nations.

Additional sportsland-fantasy.com can, in their sole and utter discretion, suspend or terminate the account of such a participant with sportsland-fantasy.com. Any balance left unused in the Player’s Game Account or Winnings Account on the date of deactivation or deletion shall, subject to the transaction cost (if any) applicable to such transactions as set out herein, be reimbursed to the Player through an online transfer to the Player’s bank account on record with sportsland-fantasy.com.

If it is determined that a Competitor who plays the Contests in paying formats is under the age of eighteen (18), sportsland-fantasy.com shall be allowed, in its sole and utter discretion, to disqualify and forfeit the Participant’s reward. In addition, sportsland-fantasy.com can, in its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate the account of such a participant.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall make no claims or assurances as to the standard, suitability or merchantability of any award, to the degree allowed by statute, and shall not be liable in respect thereof.

sportsland-fantasy.com can vary or adjust the prizes offered to winners at their complete and absolute discretion. Participants shall not bring any argument against sportsland-fantasy.com or challenge their right, prior to the close of the Contest, to change the prizes given.

sportsland-fantasy.com will not bear any obligation to the corresponding winners for the transport or packaging of trophies. sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be held responsible at the time of such transportation for any injury or harm incurred to any award.

In respect of the awards, the winners shall bear the postage, courier or some other expense of distribution.

Both transaction costs charged for the distribution of cash prizes shall be paid by the winners.

All transaction costs charged for the distribution of cash prizes shall be paid by the winners. All prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. It is difficult to exchange / redeem awards for cash in nature. In lieu of rewards in kind, no cash claims can be made.


The acceptance of the award by the winner constitutes an authorization for sportsland-fantasy.com and its associates to use the name, photograph, speech and commentary of the winner for commercial and promotional purposes in any media worldwide for advertisement and trade purposes without any additional approval or consent and/or other compensation whatsoever.

The Winners further undertake that they would be available without any charge as expected and requested by sportsland-fantasy.com for promotional purposes. The specific dates remain at the absolute discretion of the players. Promotional events which include, but are not limited to, press events, organizational meetings and functions / ceremonies.

General Terms and conditions

If sportsland-fantasy.com be notified that any governmental, statutory or administrative enforcement or consent is necessary for the conduct of any contests, or if sportsland-fantasy.com be notified that the conduct of any such contests is forbidden, sportsland-fantasy.com shall remove and/or cancel any contests without advance warning to any participants or winners of any contests. Players consent not to make any argument or challenge it in any way in respect of any cancellation or removal of the Challenge.

Employees, directors, affiliates, friends and family members of sportsland-fantasy.com may not be able to take part in the game.

Dispute and Dispute Resolution

The courts of competent jurisdiction in Calcutta shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any and all conflicts arising out of or in relation with the sportsland-fantasy.com Services rendered by sportsland-fantasy.com (including Contests), the design, fairness, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, or the rights and obligations of Plays (including sportsland-fantasy.com) or sportsland-fantasy.com.

In compliance with the laws of the Republic of India, all such problems and questions shall be regulated and construed.

The party to the conflict shall supply the other party with a written notice (‘Notification’) in the event of any legal disagreement (which may be a legal issue or question) that may occur. The parties shall, upon receipt of the notice, first seek to settle the conflict by means of negotiations. The dispute shall be resolved by arbitration if the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within fifteen ( 15 ) days of receipt of the notice.

The venue of the arbitration is Kolkata, India. Both arbitration hearings shall be held in English and, as amended from time to time, in compliance with the rules of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

The arbitration award shall be definitive and binding on the parties and, unless otherwise agreed by the arbitral tribunal, each side shall pay its own arbitration costs and shall share the fees of the arbitrator equally. The arbitrator shall have the power to make temporary decisions and certificates, including clear evaluation decisions, and those orders shall be enforceable in the courts involved. A reasoned reward shall be delivered by the arbitrator.

Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall prohibit sportsland-fantasy.com from requesting and receiving from any court having an interest before, after or after the filing of arbitration proceedings, or awaiting the execution of a decision or award in connection with any arbitration proceedings, temporary or lasting equitable or injunctive relief or any other relief required to safeguard sportsland-fantasy.com. A waiver on the part of sportsland-fantasy.com to seek any recourse for punitive damages in the arbitration mentioned herein shall not be the pursuit of fair or injunctive relief.


Under certain rules, sportsland-fantasy.com will be forced to inform players of certain occurrences. Players hereby acknowledge and consent that such notices are effective for sportsland-fantasy.com to post them on sportsland-fantasy.com or deliver them to the Player at the time of registration via the email address provided by the Player.

Players can change their email address by signing in to their sportsland-fantasy.com account. sportsland-fantasy.com cannot be held responsible for failure to contact the player if they do not provide sportsland-fantasy.com with correct information.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond the control of sportsland-fantasy.com such as acts of God, war , terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, failures of network infrastructure, strikes.

sportsland-fantasy.com shall also have the right, under certain cases, to cancel all relevant competitions and to process an acceptable refund for all entrants. Failure to exercise or implement any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions by sportsland-fantasy.com shall not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.

Players accept that, irrespective of any statute or regulation to the contrary, any lawsuit or cause of action arising out of or relating to the use of sportsland-fantasy.com or these Terms must be lodged or forever barred within thirty (30) days of such lawsuit or cause of action.

This Terms and Conditions, including all terms, conditions and policies incorporated by reference herein, constitute the whole arrangement between Players and sportsland-fantasy.com Gaming Private Limited and regulate the use of sportsland-fantasy.com, superseding any previous arrangements with sportsland-fantasy.com Gaming Private Limited that any Player may have.

If it is determined that any part of these Terms and Conditions is indefinite, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall continue to be in full force.

sportsland-fantasy.com retains the right, at its full and utter discretion and without warning, to moderate, limit or forbid the use of sportsland-fantasy.com, directly to any player, or generally, in compliance with sportsland-fantasy.com policy / policies from time to time.

sportsland-fantasy.com can permanently close or temporarily suspend, at its sole and absolute discretion, any sportsland-fantasy.com Services (including any Contests).

Payment Partners

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