Fair Play Policy

Although it is a well-known fact that daily fantasy sport is a skill-based game that requires a person with a structured mindset to play effectively, it is also a well-known fact that daily fantasy sport is a social game played among family and friends. But since fantasy games are being played with other unfamiliar players, all nervous players have a responsibility. sportsland-fantasy.com therefore promotes the practice of Fair Play on its website. The website's Fair Play Strategy is divided into the following stages.


The player chooses his special username upon login at sportsland-fantasy.com. The username of this player, once given by sportsland-fantasy.com, cannot be updated. This username on sportsland-fantasy.com becomes the user’s identifier or ID (as we refer to it). sportsland-fantasy.com separates you from loads of other players playing on our website with this ID. In addition, players can identify each other from this ID.

If the player respects the User Agreement and complies with the laws and regulations for playing online game at sportsland-fantasy.com this user ID will remain active at sportsland-fantasy.com. sportsland-fantasy.com retains the right to hang up a player’s ID in the event of any of the following:

Some player ID that suggests profanity or racist or unpleasant name / words or uses unpleasant phrases when referring to other players or sportsland-fantasy.com Support Staff

Any user ID found to be involved in fraud operations that adversely affects the outcomes of the game Any user ID found to be used in any other form of unwanted operation for the purpose of harming other plays and/or plays scheduled

sportsland-fantasy.com would not approve any user ID that advises profanity or racist or unpleasant names / words It is explicitly illegal to disclose personal information such as email address, postal address, phone numbers, etc., or through other way to disclose your identity through choosing a username.

Using your Username / ID, which means advertisement and promotional activity, users must refrain from marketing their goods and services through the same.


The best online authentication scheme was used by sportsland-fantasy.com to ensure that all purchases made on our website by the player are safe. In the daily fantasy sport game, the website has also expanded and employed sophisticated software to identify collusion and misleading practices.


The 128-bit SSL is encoded for all payment transfers at sportsland-fantasy.com User information and data are saved in a safe environment. The platform does not authorize any third party to be admitted to it.

In case some problem arises, the website reacts promptly and the issue is addressed immediately. The security protocols are repeatedly tested and improved from time to time.


For playing in the same league, a daily fantasy sport game player should not use multiple IDs as it would be viewed as money transfer or syndicate games.

Anti-fraud algorithms retain a watch on all the daily fantasy sport players’ movements.


It is prohibited for any daily fantasy sport player who is accused of conspiracy to enter the same league.


sportsland-fantasy.com retains the right to block or forfeit every user’s account if any incentive abuse is observed. Any fantasy football team accused of misusing bonus amounts would be prevented from removing their account’s cash reserve.

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